-Trish Bellardine


about me


about me

“Life without the experience is just meaningless.”

- Me

I enjoy everything artistic! My engine runs off of excitement and innovation. I geek out over influencing human behavior through intentional and thoughtful design. I am a designer with many styles and I aim to please. My passion in design, science, technology, and psychology has been fulfilled with the career path I have chosen, and I am excited for the future of design, programming, UX, UI, HCI, and product development.

my process

my process

“There is a method to my madness.”

- Shakespeare

I take whatever concept I have at hand and then I research my audience. I start off with sketching wireframes, and then I put my design into a digital mockup and work on the interactions and over all visual design. I then create a live prototype to deliver the project. Once the completed project goes live after development, I gather the data and analytics from the user's interaction and I then make any modifications to the design based on facts.


my experience

my experience

“It's not just what it looks like and feels like, it's how it works.”

- Steve Jobs

  • I worked for the Los Angeles County RRCC as a Lead UI Designer. I redesigned their website, created eblasts, designed numerous amount of print material for the Presidential elections, and I created mockups for the new voting system.
  • I worked for Implant Direct in the IT web department as the Head UX/UI designer for their global international web team. I redesigned their marketing site to be responsive and did a UX research for prototyping a new eCommerce site, I also designed a parallax landing page, newsletters, and maintained 9 of their international websites.
  • I freelance under Tru Designs creating marketing materials, designing and printing apparel and developing websites, for small business.
my education

my education

“Be happy, but never satisfied.”

- Bruce Lee

  • BS in Graphics and Web Design, Web Design concentrated from The Art Institute of California. 2019
  • Certification in UX design from Nielsen Norman Group.2015
  • AA in Web Interactive Media Design from The Art Institute of California. 2012
  • AA in Child Development from Moorpark.2006