The Budgrower

the budgrower banner

The Bud Grower is an all-in-one home grow kits company. The CEO first came to me to do freelance graphics for their product images on Amazon. Later on he requested full product photoshoots and rebranding of a new smaller kit that will be sold. He also mentioned he will be starting a new sister company to The Bud Grower called RX Grow Kits. Below are a few examples of the process in some of the work I do for this company.

Product Photoshoot

My goal was to take all the products given to me and come up with a mood board to envision a new look for this brand. Below is an image of the mood board I created, and an image of the supplies given to me for the product shoot. You can see me on the left with a quick setup of product placement. The last image is the two final photoshoot kits I whent with to continue the project. mood board photoshoot photoshoot

Product Rebranding Design Assets

In this step, I had a concept to rebrand the bag of soil so they can have an original branded bag and to design a branded package of their lightbox to correlate with the new look and feel that I envisioned in the mood board above. designed assets

Final Product Images

Here you can see the final designed product images with the designed assets included and the background photoshopped in. One with a light and one without the lightbox.

final product images

Miscellaneous Work

Here are some miscellaneous designs of creating a logo for the new sister company, apparel for the workers, and Facebook ads.