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After working at Implant Direct the CEO of Implant Direct reached out to me to help him design and develop his online portfolio.


I was hired to do rebuild a website for Dr. Niznick who is a 40 year legacy of dental implants, research and innovation. He is the founders and creator of Core-Vent corp, Paragon Implant, Implant Direct and has over 40 dental implant patents. He had me rebuild all of his past websites, research, and company history from the past 40 years and combine them into one portfolio website.

Challenges and Solutions

Getting all the information from the past 40 years, I used the "wayback machine" to go back in time on the web to get content and images.

Implant Direct history timeline

Getting all of his printed material to be digitally accessible. I scaened and uploaded all of his printed marketing material onto "Issuu" as a digital tool for his printed material such as magazine articles and catalogs so they are now digitally accessible as online flip books.

Implant Direct history timeline

He also wanted to use allot of colors to distinguish all the diffrent years, so I will show how he wanted it with screen shots, and how I finally worked out a way to settle the use of colors for a better user experience.

Implant Direct history timeline Implant Direct history timeline


Final logo, early stages of logo iterations and final favicon logo

final logo niznick logo process favicon

SEO and results

Below are some screenshots of the progress and results when implementing technical and On-page SEO. Using Google console and Analytics you can see the increase in visits being tracked, and you can see the quality of my work graded in Neil Patel SEO audit, the web page speed at 99, and the great mobile-friendly results. In the last image, you can see that when you Googled "Niznick" his website did not show up on Google search and then slowly it raised from the very bottom to the top of the search results after implementing SEO methods.

SEO results quality score results

Final Project

You can visit the site here

final web design

Project Review

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