Future Rx

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Future Rx was a short contract job to help the company with rapid prototyping. Many people were working during the pandemic remotely to quickly design their internal system application and CRM. I took the lead as a senior UX designer to gather all assets and build a style guide in order for all designers to stay within design guidelines. I worked closely with CMO, Product owners, offshore developers, and other UX designers to build out several different sections.

Style Guide

The company had no style guide so I recommended taking the lead and start building out the style guide with all the elements that are being frequently used. Most of the assets were designed as the project unraveled. I meet with other designers 2x a week to keep track of where everyone's ideas were going in order to keep the designs inline. I recommended using Figma for team collaboration in prototyping. mood board

Rapid Prototying

Below you will see some of the pages I designed using Figma for rapid prototyping. Every element had to show live interactions. The wireframe was skipped and direct design was implemented into every step. I personally did not think this was a good idea, but CMO wanted to work this way. Some of the different projects you will see are the search tool, CRM, and pricing/coupon for pharmacy and end-user. designed assets