An educational game that unleashes creativity

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Chaos is a new game concept that I came up with to pitch for a game company. It was a team of four core members including myself who helped make the vision come to life. I came up with the game concept, the name of the game, the design for the deck of cards and helped with the final version of the logo. Chaos is meant to be an educational team building game that unleashes creativity by drawing and acting out nouns and verbs. The concept is a hybrid of Pictionary and Charades with the help of a flip chip to determine whether you will draw out or act out the words you drew from the deck of cards and your team member has to guess the words within a 1 one minute time frame to receive a point. First team to reach 10 points wins the game.


The budget for the prototype: $20
Our timeline: 5 weeks
Management system: Trello
Goals: Game concept, Print cards, print box, instructions, the chip
Evaluate: User testing


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User Testing

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